Maple Grove Decadent Dessert Guide

Luscious desserts from area chefs and bakers to satiate your sweet tooth
Henry's Cafe serves up a strawberry lemon cake that'll remind you of home.

Whoever said, “Life is short, have dessert first!” would surely be emboldened by all the luscious dessert selections available around Maple Grove. Whether you’re out for the evening or just in the mood to indulge in something decadent, consider sinking your sweet tooth into some of these scrumptious desserts.

Lynde’s Restaurant & Catering

A local dining favorite with a talented baker in the kitchen, the Lynde family’s menu offers up the edible solace of Grandma’s house with pineapple upside down cake. It’s spongy, moist, and buttery, topped with pineapple rings in a brown sugar crust and a dollop of whipped cream. This is a comfort food favorite that’s a change of pace from ordering a traditional slice of pie.

209 County Rd. 81, Osseo, 763-424-3696

Henry’s Café

When Henry’s mom moved back to Minnesota from Arizona, she brought her recipe box. Inside is a formula for some of the most blissful bread pudding you’ll ever taste. It’s like she carves each square right out of heaven. Made with left over caramel cinnamon rolls and homemade bread, it’s served warm with a spoonful of butter sauce. This dessert will send you swooning. It’s lighter in texture than most bread puddings and has an eggy, sweet and spicy flavor that’s similar to French toast. Look for other nostalgic favorites at Henry’s Café such as sour cream and raisin pie and strawberry lemon cake!

9691 63rd Ave. N., 763-533-2304

Nadia Cakes

When visiting the newest dessert game in town, be sure to try the Nadia Cakes cheesecake cupcake, a Food Network Cupcake Wars award winner!

With fall quickly approaching; maybe consider a pumpkin chai cupcake made with real chai tea in the batter and a Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean topping. Or a pumpkin cheesecake cupcake with gingersnap cookies ground into the crust. Nadia Cakes award winning cheesecake batter is mixed with pumpkin for the filling. Then it’s topped with fresh whipped cream and gingersnap crumble.

Nadia Cakes also offers sugar free trifles, cake pops and cake push pops, as well as over 100 rotating cupcake flavors and cakes available for last minute pickup.

11650 Fountains Dr. Ste. #207, 763-575-8885

Chez Arnaud

Owner Arnaud De Rambures creates an outstanding assortment of goodies for sweets lovers. Specifically, his French-style macaroons are not to be missed. Unlike American macaroons, they’re not made with coconut. Instead they’re prepared with two cookies, each with a wafer thin crunchy crust on the outside and a soft cake like inside. Then, varieties of cream filling are sandwiched in between. They’re small enough to sample several flavors like salted caramel or raspberry pistachio. The lemon lavender macaroons are superb with delicately fragrant cookies filled with a subtle lemon cream.

For something more extravagant, The Charlotte is made of a blanket of lady fingers wrapped around a layer of vanilla cream, strawberries and more lady fingers. It’s topped with colorful fresh berries, dusted with powdered sugar and tied with a ribbon, making it an ideal gift of a sweet treat.

For chocolate lovers, Chez Arnaud offers Perigord in a stylish parfait cup. It consists of a vanilla cream bottom, layered with brownie bits and dark chocolate mousse, topped with dark chocolate glaze. It’s finished with more brownies and fresh raspberries. The texture is rich and creamy and the brownie pieces melt in your mouth. Great for after dinner with a cup of coffee.

13332 Bass Lake Rd. 763-568-7756



If you’re looking for a great take-away treat, don’t overlook the bakery at Byerly’s! Master pastry chef, Jenniffer Bell always has fresh fruit tarts on hand. Or try the raspberry mascarpone dessert made with sweet Italian cream cheese wrapped in a semi-sweet chocolate shell and topped with raspberries.

The cannolis can change things up with their combined crunch of a honey cinnamon crisp shell filled with mascarpone cheese. The ends are dipped in either mini chocolate chips or pistachio.

For fall flavor, consider the artisan apple tartlet made with thinly sliced Granny Smith apples baked into a frangipane dense almond cake with a bit of butter.

Byerly’s general manager Tom Gordon says the rhubarb custard tart is his favorite and it’s available all year. It’s prepared with a vanilla custard combined with sweet, tart rhubarb inside a flakey crust then dusted with powdered sugar. This fruity, not too sweet dessert is simply scrumptious and it comes in two sizes, small for a personal indulgence or a larger size to serve 8-12 guests.

12880 Elm Creek Blvd., 763-416-1611

Rodizio Grill

Trying a new place for dinner that also has homemade desserts? Corporate chef Dee Mounmauangtai says Rodizio Grill’s lime pie is very popular and is available in all seasons. Made with cream, condensed milk and fresh lime juice, this refreshing pie is topped with homemade meringue.

For dessert lovers who prefer gluten free, Rodizio Grill’s Brazilian flan is the ticket. Made with half and half, condensed milk and eggs, this dessert is soft and creamy with a bit of a gelatin texture. It comes on a sugar crust and is topped with a delicate cookie made from won ton and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Rodizio Grill also offers Brazilian cream, similar in texture to soft-serve ice cream that comes with a choice of added stir-ins like raspberries, passion fruit, banana, coconut and pineapple.

12197 Elm Creek Blvd., 763-657-1133