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‘“Hmm…a new park in Maple Grove,” reads Amira’s father. “It has a silver bullet slide, crazy corn maze and beaming blue butterflies.”
“Let’s get going, mom and dad! Our time is precious,” Amira says.
Amira and her parents jumped into the van and drove to Bass Lake Park.’

With the holiday season just around the corner, a good wintertime read can bring the whole family together. Maple Grove librarians Rose Ryan and Kathryn Zimmerman recommend the following reads for all ages, cultures and walks of life.

Join in the celebration during the fourth annual Sleigh Bells and Sparkle parade. This new fun-filled family tradition on December 7 is a perfect way to get ready for the holiday season.

As a dance student, Erin Cooney had taken jazz, tap, ballet and tumbling before she started Irish dance at the age of 11. Little did she know what started off as a “fun, social, recreational thing” would end up being something that would have a huge impact on her life.

Update: the Maple Grove Geo-Cache Adventure has been extended through June 1st. Contact editor Cyd Haynes at with any questions.

For Kyle Simonson, local business owner and nationally renowned beauty maven, beauty comes in many forms.

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and stopped dead in your tracks, struck by the overwhelming beauty of a spectacular countertop?

Teachers dedicate their lives to imparting knowledge to young people. Along the way, many inspire students with their enthusiasm and desire to make a difference in the world. Three such teachers were voted this year’s ‘best teacher’ finalists in Maple Grove Magazine’s Best Of reader survey.

Emerging trends in family dynamics are being met with new housing concepts. One concept is Lennar’s new home-within-a-home model being built in a few Twin Cities suburbs, including Maple Grove.

Arbor Lakes theatre has taken on a unique one-night showing of an art film entitled; Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure.