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Spring Planting Party

Bring your friends and family for a relaxing planting party and enjoy a taste of spring before the weather allows. It’s that simple: you plant it, we grow it. You come up with the design! Our growers will ensure it grows healthy.

Pick up: Mother's Day weekend, Friday, May 8- Sunday, May 10.

Offering: 14" Patio Pot and 14" Hanging Basket. Read more about Spring Planting Party

Rudolph's Bluebird House Workshop and Community PU

To welcome the season of springtime and rebirth, GrowHaus is partnering with Rudolph’s Bird Houses for a fun afternoon of community.

In the workshop you will be able to build your own bluebird house from a kit (or use a pre-built one), paint and customize your bluebird house and, if you desire, add it to a spring pansy pot.

Ron Rudolph of Corcoran builds bluebird houses to honor the memory of his wife, Pat. Their daughter Kristy will be on hand to share their story of loss and finding new meaning through the creation of bluebird houses. Read more about Rudolph's Bluebird House Workshop and Community PU

Minneapolis Home + Garden Show

Browse through over a hundred vendors all under one roof at this year’s Home + Garden show. Check out the featured gardens designed by seven of Minnesota’s top landscapers and shop the Garden + Outdoor Market. Ask the experts and compare the latest in styles and techniques. All ages. 952.933.3850 Read more about Minneapolis Home + Garden Show

Home Buying Workshop

Any season is home buying season. Be prepared. Local experts are hosting this home purchasing workshop. Topics will cover steps through the buying process and address fears and misconceptions about home buying. All ages. 612.213.0006 Read more about Home Buying Workshop

Winter Flower Show

When the cold and the snow get to be too much, head to Como Zoo Conservatory. Experience a living bouquet of brilliant, jewel-toned blossoms from Jan 18–March 31 to remind yourself that while spring is just around the corner, things can bloom even in the most unlikely of seasons. All ages. 651.487.8201 Read more about Winter Flower Show

Holiday Centerpiece

With the use of spruce tips, ceder, golden arborvitae, and other boughs we will show you step by step how to create a layered effect for the perfect holiday centerpiece. A Holiday Centerpiece is great for the center of your dining room table or highlighting an area in your home.

$30 Holiday Centerpiece Includes:

  • Base with floral foam

  • Spruce tip clippings

  • Variegated green to choose from

  • 3-5 clusters of red berries


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