First-time Author Pens a Yarn with a Minnesota Tie In

In Melanie Heuiser Hill’s The Giant Pumpkin Suite, Rose and Thomas are 12-year-old twins, who are very different from one another. Rose is a gifted cellist, who has her eyes on winning the Bach Cello Suites Competition. While happy-go-lucky Thomas is intent on helping Mr. Pickering with his pumpkin project.

The twins find that they must work together on the pumpkin project, and when a serious accident threatens to derail Rose’s chance at competing, she learns the value of a close-knit neighborhood. Rose discovers that, through the support of her neighbors, she can find happiness in whatever she does. As for the pumpkin, it is going to the Minnesota State Fair to be weighed and judged!

This first-time book by Minneapolis resident Heuiser Hill is geared toward children in grades 4-6 and readers, who are young-at-heart. —Contributed by Laurie Stieg, associate librarian, Hennepin County Library – Maple Grove