Fishing on the Dock

Photo winner captures son casting his first line of the season.

The Smith family had just placed their dock back into the water for the long awaited Minnesota spring, and 4-year-old Roman couldn’t wait to caste his line. His mother, Megan Smith, did not miss the opportunity to capture this precious moment that welcomed the coming season. “It was a beautiful afternoon and I want to capture regular, everyday moments with him as he grows because I’m realizing he’s growing way too fast!” she says.

Smith captured this photo using her iPhone and no special effects. She recalls this day as being “warm and sunny, the best of Minnesota days.” Eagle Lake graces the Smith family’s back yard and it is a favorite place for the family to spend time and take in breathtaking moments of the beautiful scenery. In this particular shot, Smith says, “I loved how the sky reflected off of the water.”

Megan Smith was also a photo winner featured in the March issue with an image of her dog, Paisley.