Food & Drink

Family meals on week nights don’t have to be a bore. Try these great ideas from Maple Grove area residents for each Monday in March. Some of these dishes can be made or prepped the weekend before so that first night of the week can be quick and easy.

OMNI Brewing Company—open since September 2015—features a special brew almost every month. For the month of March, they will be re-introducing a St. Patty’s Day favorite—Rua.

The Fountains at Arbor Lakes remains one of the go-to spots in Maple Grove—filled with favorite shops and restaurants. Since opening the doors last July, the family-owned restaurant Hong Thai has become one of the hottest new places to eat.

The tantalizing aroma of steaming chicken tikka masala, tender chunks of chicken in a house made red curry sauce; palak paneer, a fresh cheese and spinach curry; and vegetable samosas, savory vegetable pastries; greets guests as they walk through the door at India House in The Fountains at Arbor

The holidays are the season of indulgence and celebration, a time for comfort foods and rich, flavorful delights before New Year’s resolutions send everyone back to the gym. The gingerbread houses and tree-shaped cookies are at-home staples, but dining out is a time to up the ante.

The world is a fast-changing place, moving from horse and carriage toward electric and self-driving vehicles in barely a century, from tin cans on strings to cell phones and Pokémon Go.

If you’re a regular at the Maple Grove Farmers Market, then you’ve seen the harvest of eQuality Farms. They offer USDA-certified organic produce from their farm in Buffalo, Minnesota. Crops are grown by adult staff and associates with developmental disabilities.

Pizza. It’s a quick meal that someone else makes, or pulls out of the freezer, or delivers to your door during the game. It’s the go-to meal for large groups or those who are simply bushed from a day of work.

Have you ever been at a restaurant and not known what to order? With all the great food in Maple Grove, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve asked a variety of locals to name favorite foods from restaurants around town.