November 2016 Maple Grove Magazine

A Gone Fishin’ Christmas premieres at Yellow Tree Theatre this month.
Maple Grove retail offers fashion, function and fit.
6 Ways to Master Your Home’s Interior Design.
Local Destination Imagination team goes global.
This insurance agent (and freelance photographer) is on a mission to bring the wild the Maple Grove.
When the IT guy is a welcomed guest, he’s probably from Cyber Advisors.
Best (and worst) home improvement projects for resale.
New doggy training and pet boarding lodge opens in the area.
New hires working to become certified EMRs.
Rose Gallagher excels in school and in life.
Kelly Matzke shares what he does for the city.
TJK Plumbing expands their business with drain cleaning services.
Maple Grove resident Jiya Khatri wins first runner-up for Miss Personality.
Meet Ryan Stockhaus from Osseo High School.
Longtime resident shares his Maple Grove experience.