A Mother’s Touch

Maple Grove graduate starts her own business to raise awareness of working moms.
Maple Grove Senior High graduate and former Maple Grove Ambassador starts business.

Alex Steinman began her business, Strong Like Mama, when she noticed a lack of working mom blogs and positive messages for children about working mothers. By selling t-shirts with the message “Strong Like Mama” on the front, as well as baby onsies that say “Smart like Mama,” Steinman encourages the image of strong mothers. She donates a portion of T-shirt sales to Everyday Miracles, a non-profit supporting safe births and birthing education.

Alex Steinman
Age: 28

Maple Grove Senior High graduate Alex Steinman began her business Strong Like Mama in 2015 with a blog about the joys and hardships of being a working mother. After returning to work, she had to “learn how to fit everything into [her] life while supporting and raising a human being.” The blog took off because it’s funny and honest, and her stories resonated with working mothers.