Photographer Jodi Elkins Captures Winter Magic With Newborns

Photographer Jodi Elkins captures winter magic in a shutter click.
Grayson gets a winter’s nap.

Meet Grayson Majkozak. His birthday suit serves as perfect attire for his first real photo shoot, with the addition of a little bit of winter warmth.

“I love that each newborn session and baby is different,” says photographer Jodi Elkins of Makally Photography. “Some are really good babies and sleep the whole time, others can be a bit fussy…but I am as stubborn as they are, and will pretty much go until I get the perfect shots,” she says.

Elkins makes her photography studio very warm in preparation for her favorite newborn subjects. “Many of my clients call me a baby whisperer…but I think it boils down to working with so many newborns over the years and knowing what it takes to get them soothed and comforted,” she says.

“Jodi was extremely patient and did not stop until she had the perfect picture of our little one,” says Grayson’s mom, Kelly Majkozak. “She even gave us time partway through to feed him.”

Most newborn sessions last two to three hours, and Elkins assures that it is definitely hard work. “But worth every second…especially to see the finished product on the wall in a client’s home,” she says.

Because Elkins’ clients return year after year, she also gets to see babies grow up, and she enjoys when those families bring in newly minted sibling models for her creative eye.

“I can typically get most babies to sleep, and in the positions that I need to make the shot,” Elkins says.