She’s A Natural

Nature painter Rosa Ridderbusch shares a gift.
Rosa Ridderbusch in her home studio.

Originally from El Salvador, Rosa Ridderbusch is a painter whose colorful artwork has made quite the impact in the Maple Grove community.

Surprisingly, Ridderbusch has been painting for only about five or six years. “I had friends that were artists and I really loved their work. They encouraged me to pick it up,” she says. Painting became a beloved hobby for Ridderbusch, and that hobby quickly evolved into something more.

Ridderbusch decided to further develop her skill in painting by learning from her friends and taking classes at the Maple Grove Arts Center as well as the Minnetonka Center for the Arts.

Prior to painting, Ridderbusch worked as a paralegal and college professor teaching English as a second language. Since tapping into her interest as an artist, Ridderbusch has transitioned into being an artist full time, painting from her home art studio.
Ridderbusch is known for her acrylic paintings that show off bright colors and scenes inspired by the nature encountered in her neighborhood as well as on vacations. She often takes photos of the scenery around her to use as inspiration for future work. “My favorite subjects are nature related, like oceans and birds,” says Ridderbusch.

For the time being, most of her paintings are kept at her residence but some of her pieces have been featured at the Maple Grove Arts Center, where she volunteers. She has also painted many commissioned pieces. Moving forward, Ridderbusch would like to do even more commissioned pieces and possibly open a working gallery. “The paintings always inspire me to live more,” she says.