Maple Grove Senior High girls swim and dive team has been proud to have their own mascot for the last year: Swimmie. Modeled after the school mascot Leafie, Swimmie has become much more than just the face of the team.

We all have dreams and aspirations of becoming the best at what we do—Gannon Farrens shows that it’s never too early to start chasing those dreams, literally.

They’re elite female athletes in their early 20s to mid-40s. They are restaurant cooks, military personnel, police officers, medical-field workers, teachers, personal trainers and stay-at-home moms.

Many people may know Ryan Stockhaus as the new football coach for the defending state champion football team at Osseo High School. What people may not know is that Stockhaus is also a special education teacher, husband and avid baseball fan.

Back in summer 2012, then-14-year-old Zach Tracy took a ride on the single track of Theo Wirth Park.

On a Saturday morning in late spring, the energy in the University of St. Thomas’ new Anderson Student Center was high.

For the Lee sisters, Taekwondo runs in the blood. Their grandfather, Grandmaster Byung Yul Lee, helped bring the art to the United States when he founded a Taekwondo school in 1969.

It’s Friday night. A brisk fall breeze is blowing through the crowd under bright field lights, and a group of spirited cheerleaders is leading the crowd in chants to motivate the football team to victory.

For teenage boys, a trip to Orlando might lead to shenanigans, but for Maple Grove residents Ben Pettingell and Frank Gates, it meant being crowned US Open Taekwondo gold medal champions last January.