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That candle you bought at Bath and Body Works might have the word “aromatherapy” stamped on its label, but the actual practice of aromatherapy is far more nuanced than burning the wick in a jar of wax.

Lisa Willey is constantly snapping photos. In fact, Willey owns her own business, Lisa Marie Photography, where she takes family photos and other portraits.

An orienteering class at the Eastman Nature Center is a fun way to spend a fall day. All photos by Rich Moll.

The Maple Grove Art Center entertained some ghoulish guests at the opening of its annual Monster Art show. All photos by Rich Moll.

When a fire wiped out the Law Enforcement Training Facility two years ago much was lost, but from the ashes arose a new opportunity for Maple Grove citizens.

At 22, Maple Grove resident Cindy Rogers attended a routine appointment with her local eye care physician when she was living in Ohio. When she received a new pair of glasses weeks later she discovered they did not correct her vision.

Running and walking during the winter months can seem more like an arctic excursion than exercise. Take your fitness indoors so you can break a sweat.

If we are not vigilant, Minnesotans are at risk of drifting into torpor in the deep winter months. After the whirl of holiday gatherings is over we are beset by cold and darkness and the temptation to hide out under a pile of down comforters is hard to resist.

Holiday cheer and fun activities for the whole family: Osseo’s Mini Dazzle on December 6 has it all. The festive night begins in downtown Osseo with a light-filled parade starting at 1st Street NE, heading up Central Ave.

Home décor, organization and gardening have always been hobbies for Jennifer Ebeling. Her website,, showcases these interests in a fun and accessible way.