Wayzata Bay Spice Company Joins the Spice Business

After seeking out spices for their kitchen and turning up empty handed when it came to finding exactly what they wanted, Jay and Jane Bunting of Rogers decided to solve the problem in a unique way: they created their own wholesale business and also create private label brands for companies such as Lunds and Byerly’s. Wayzata Bay Spice Company was born out of a dilemma, but their creations have graced many a delicious meal since.

Besides offering single spices , the Buntings also specialize in herb blends. One of Wayzata Bay Spice Company’s seasonings is a Chisholm Trail Rub”, made of brown sugar, hot peppers and boasts a tangy flavor, perfect for spreading over ribs and chicken for an intense kick. Save “Gone Fishin’” for your latest catch. It includes a citrus, herb and spice blend that enlivens any mild tasting fish.  Or try "Whatever!”, a seasoning that can literally be put on anything.

Wayzata Bay Spice Company also has a retail outlet at 12820 Main Street in Rogers. Hours are 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday. wbspice.com