5 Different Ways to Wear Your Scarf from TurnStyle

Five different ways to rock your favorite scarf.
Kathy Honey-Murphy, from TurnStyle, models various ways to accessorize with a scarf.

For a fashionista, cold weather can make it a little difficult to accessorize. Local consignment shop TurnStyle might have a solution. TurnStyle, popular for its boutique vibe, wide selection of fab designer apparel and personal customer service, has become the go-to for shoppers looking for the latest trends at a great price.

This season, scarves are totally in. Maple Grove Turnstyle store manager Mary Coogan-Burke says that, depending on the size and material of your scarf, there are many different ties and knots that you can use to to create a variety of fabulous looks this season.

1. Shawl: Drape around back for a dramatic effect. Can be tied in front or fastened with a brooch.

2. Instant infinity: Great for longer, skinnier scarves. Tie the ends together to make a continuous loop and wrap around neck twice.

3. Side knot: Wrap around neck once and then tie a simple knot on one side

4. Through the loop: Wrap around the neck starting in the front and twist in back and bring ends to the front. Wrap each side “though the loop” at the neck.

5. French twist: Fold the scarf in half put it around your shoulders. Take one loose end piece and pull it over and under the scarf loop. Take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop.