Ruff Stuff Rescue and Maple Grove PetSmart

Dogs and cats get a chance for a new beginning every third Saturday at PetSmart.
Michelle Schumack visits with Wesley, who is looking for a new home along with other dogs who hope to follow in the footsteps of a particular cat named Hairball.

Hairball the kitten is crazy, playful and loves people. With hair poking out of his ears like an old man, he was the perfect cat for her family, says Carrie Smith of Otsego. She found him after researching diligently on Ruff Start Rescue’s website, a small nonprofit animal rescue facility in Princeton;  Smith made her way to the local Maple Grove PetSmart to adopt him.

Every third Saturday of the month, Kathryn Smith, the adoption day event manager, brings cats and dogs from area pounds and shelters to the Maple Grove PetSmart. “The experience was great,” says Carrie Smith. “Ruff Start Rescue was great about answering all of our questions. They were so patient, and super-nice.” Their first pet, Hairball, now nestles in bed each night with Smith’s daughter.