Henry’s Café Serves a Mean Clubhouse Sandwich

The cafe in the corner stacks this sandwich high.
The clubhouse sandwich at Henry's.

Henry Lange, of Henry’s Café, serves a wide array of American diner-style fare. But the clubhouse sandwich is the local favorite at this small, nestled-into-the-corner eatery. With three slices of toast made from homemade bread, this sandwich is stacked with fresh lettuce, tomato and a spread of mayo atop layers of turkey, ham and bacon. The sandwich is best complemented by a simple soda. For big appetites, make the clubhouse a meal with the addition of potato salad, coleslaw or fries; $7.99 for the sandwich, $9.99 with the side.


Open until 2 p.m.

9691 63rd Ave. N.
763.533.2304; henryscafe.net