Review: Maple Grove’s Best Seafood

The catch of the day is not far away at your neighborhood grill.
Dehn's saganaki salad features black tiger shrimp, Kalamata olives, feta cheese and pepperoncini.

Restaurants that cater to seafood aficionados can be hard to find, and traveling to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul destinations can be expensive. As patrons become food-savvy, crave variety and demand a wider range of fish options, many Maple Grove restaurants are heeding the call, enticing fish lovers with their varied offerings. 

Cold-water Walleye
Malone’s Bar and Grill
Located in the heart of Arbor Lakes shopping center, Malone’s features three memorable fish entrées that would make any northern Minnesota fisherman proud. Their cold-water walleye ($16.95) is pan-fried in cracker crumbs or broiled for calorie-conscious consumers. One entrée that keeps patrons coming back for more is the orange honey-glazed salmon ($14.95), a grilled Atlantic salmon covered with a delightful orange honey glaze. The pan-seared Chilean bass ($21.95) is a favorite fish option, perfectly paired with Malone’s delightful French onion soup (extra cost). 12635 Elm Creek Blvd., N., 763.447.6500,  

Seafood Cakes
3 Squares Restaurant
3 Squares is part of the Blue Plate Restaurant Company, a collection of neighborhood restaurants that boasts some of the region’s most memorable urban fare. In addition to their regular menu offerings of fish tacos ($13.75), barbecued black bean salmon ($16.25), and seafood cakes ($13.75), 3 Squares regularly features seasonal fish. Past entrees have included pan-seared grouper with lemon beurre blanc, complemented by winter vegetables; or perhaps a halibut with sweet potato hash and spiced orange beurre blanc is more your style. For classic fish connoisseurs, 3 Square’s almond-crusted walleye or sesame-crusted seared tuna are also sure to delight. 12690 Arbor Lakes Parkway N., 763.425.3330,  

Fish and Chips
Claddagh Irish Pub
For centuries, Ireland has been known as a fisherman’s haven, and Claddagh prides itself on offering some of the Emerald Isle’s best seafood concoctions. Start off with a treat from their appetizer menu such as mussels steamed in garlic butter cream broth or Yuengling-battered shrimp, tossed in sweet chili sauce with a sweet chili aioli. Of course, no visit to an Irish pub would be complete without indulging in fish and chips—Atlantic cod in ale batter served with pub chips, and undoubtedly Claddagh’s best seafood seller. The classic grilled salmon with lemon butter, herbed rice and seasonal vegetables ($16.99) also is a favorite. 7890 Main St. N., 763. 773.7400,  

Black Tiger Shrimp
Dehn's Country Manor
While best known as a steakhouse, Dehn’s has a great reputation for fish as well. Their dinner menu features two preparations of walleye ($15.95-17.95), Atlantic salmon ($16.95), and black tiger shrimp ($14.95-$16.95). The most popular is the deep-fried walleye, coated with a lightly seasoned cornmeal breading and served with fresh lemon, house-made tartar sauce and choice of potato or steamed broccoli. Dehn’s Dijon apricot salmon is crusted with a sweet and savory glaze of preserved apricots and Dijon mustard and broiled just until the glaze melts into the salmon filet. For health-conscious consumers, Dehn’s shrimp saganaki salad ($9.95) is a perfect option. It features chilled poached black tiger shrimp served atop a fresh romaine and iceberg blend, with crumbled feta cheese and imported Kalamata olives and pepperoncini. 11281 Fernbrook Ln., 763.420.6460,  

Pistachio-crusted Walleye
Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse
No visit to this classic steakhouse would be complete without enjoying their award-winning seafood options. Famous for pistachio-crusted walleye ($25.95) and fresh Scottish salmon ($27.95), Pittsburgh Blue also offers corn-crusted sea bass with lemon-dill butter sauce ($33.95), complemented by asparagus, mushrooms and lemon beurre blanc sauce, and a parmesan-crusted halibut ($33.95) with roasted red pepper cream sauce. Lobster lovers will revel in Pittsburgh Blue’s Australian 16-ounce tender and sweet cold-water lobster tail (market price), featuring horseradish crust and mustard beurre blanc sauce. 11900 Main St. N., 763.416.2663,  

Salmon Oscar
Granite City
While Granite City is well-known for their fabulous burgers and sandwiches, their seafood selection is just as sure to delight. Their salmon Oscar (market price) features an 8-ounce Atlantic salmon charbroiled and topped with sautéed asparagus and lump crab with fresh hollandaise sauce. You can also indulge in the island tuna (market price), albacore tuna in a special pineapple teriyaki marinade on a bed of wild rice pilaf, complemented by pineapple citrus salsa and steamed broccoli. 11909 Main St., 763.416.0010,  

Sushi Aplenty
Kyoto, Mt. Fuji and Sawatdee
Sushi fans unite! Maple Grove plays host to several sushi restaurants that can provide you with an array of unique seafood treats. Kyoto, Mt. Fuji and Sawatdee’s Zushiya provide sushi-grade seafood including tuna, striped bass, red snapper, octopus, oyster, clams, eel and even flying fish. The offerings are unique to each restaurant so be sure to check them out and enjoy fish that grace waters all over the world. Kyoto, 13751 Grove Drive, 763.488.1588,; Mt. Fuji, 7904 Main St. N., 763.315.5885,; Zushiya, 7885 Main St. N., 763.494.5708,  

Deep-fried Scallops
Minne’s Diner
Home of the original Minneapple pie, a State Fair favorite, Minne’s Diner in Rogers is known for their scrumptious breakfast entrées, but they are also making a name for themselves among fish lovers, with dishes that would make any angler applaud. In addition to their deep-fried scallops ($9.99), Minne’s offers broiled freshwater walleye ($16.99) topped with toasted almonds. The broiled salmon ($14.99), topped with olive oil and lemon, and the diner’s fish fry, featuring north Atlantic whitefish filets ($10.99), are additional seafood favorites. 13105 Main St., Rogers; 763.428.4176;