dpHUE : Not Your Average Box Dye

The business, which opened its second location in Edina about a year ago, offers hair-dyers another option.

Going to a salon may be expensive and time-consuming, but taking matters into your own bathroom is a gamble. Who knows if you’re doing it right? Are you getting the back? How long should you really sit there with that stuff in? And perhaps the most pressing question: is that color even going to look good on you?  Donna Pohlad knows the pain. That’s why she founded dpHUE, a company that promises to switch up the hair dyeing experience.  “I was looking for a solution and there was nothing out there,” she said. In storefronts in Edina and Maple Grove, cosmetologists guide customers through the at-home coloring process so it doesn’t have to end in heartbreak. Consultations are free, no appointment necessary, and buying in costs between $38 and $43. The color experts mix dye specifically for their customers’ unique situations—how much gray hair they may have, what their texture is like—and what they want their dye job to achieve, whether it’s covering up those grays or splashing on a whole new hue. Then the customers get to do the actual dyeing themselves.  “It’s empowering, it gives you confidence—it’s a big wow if you’ve never done it before,” Pohlad said.Find dpHUE at:7808 Main Street Maple Grove 4944 France Avenue S.Edina