Luxury Homes with Indoor Sport Courts

Indoor sport courts are a hot trend for some luxury homebuyers.
The Trubecks enjoy a sport court with their children Elizabeth, 9, and Billy, 7.

Months of winter weather is no deterrent for active families who get their game on indoors. Creek Hill Custom Homes builds residential houses with uniquely designed features like bonus rooms and four-season porches. But it’s their indoor sport courts that Minnesotans might find truly useful and exciting.

Imagine having your own mini-gymnasium steps away from your living space. An impressive Creek Hill Custom Home model in Maple Grove’s Whistling Pines neighborhood has a 660- square-foot indoor sport court equipped with custom flooring and paint colors, and a basketball hoop. This amazing recreational space, as well as the rest of the home’s amenities, can be toured during the 2013 Spring Preview Parade of Homes.

Kelle Lang Staats, Director of Marketing and Design for Creek Hill, says that sport courts are the latest craze among homebuyers in this price range. “The primary draw is having a place for the entire family to play during our harsh Minnesota winters,” says Staats. “It’s a multi-purpose space that’s not just for basketball even though it may look that way. We’ve built a home with a sport court for a hockey families. Their kids can shoot pucks in there all year long without damaging anything. And the noise is fairly contained.”

Bill and Sandrene Trubeck chose to move to Maple Grove for its proximity to their children’s school. “We toured the Parade of Homes,” says Sandrene. “The second house we visited had a sport court and there was no question that that was its main selling point. We love it. Our children can do just about anything in there. They rollerblade, shoot hoops, jump rope and play Ping-Pong. They can also fly remote controlled planes and helicopters in there.”

Staats points out that many sport courts, like the Trubeck’s, are built above ground with high ceilings. This allows for more variety of activity, like playing with those remote controlled toys. It also allows for windows to be installed high on the walls so that natural light can fill the space. “Whenever possible, we also incorporate windows connected to the main living space overlooking the sport court,” says Staats. “That way, a mom or dad can check on their children anytime and also turn off any lights that may be left on in there.”

The Trubeck’s sport court opens up to their backyard. “We have that door open all summer long,” Sandrene says. “No matter the weather, our kids and their friends always have a great place to play. An added bonus is that our two dogs can also run around in there and get some exercise during any weather. The kids throw balls for games of fetch. The dogs love it!”

Sandrene believes that having a sport court is better than a typical gym room loaded with dusty exercise equipment. But if a homeowner wants both, that can be done too. Staats says that some models are created with an exercise room adjacent to the sport court.

A family media room can also be designed as a transition space to the sport court. Staats says, “Families want homes that accommodate their varied interests. We’re able to offer those accommodations and customize them as well. We utilize Snap Sports for all of our sport courts. They can be designed in a variety of color schemes and include various upgrades in flooring and lighting. Our website allows buyers to interact with potential color templates for their sport court design. Some choose their children’s high school colors. Others might choose a customized in-floor logo from their college Alma matter.” She adds, “I’m just waiting for the advent of audio/visual hookups ala’ man-cave style. Guys will be able to invite their buddies over to shoot hoops while their favorite music is piped in through a sound system. It’s only a matter of time.”



A Maple Grove sport court, like the one seen here in the Trubeck’s home, can be toured at 17364 62nd Ave. N. during this month’s Parade of Homes Spring Preview on March 2-24. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Thu. through Sun. Visit for more info.