Artist Dianne Mehta Provides a Glimpse Into Her Creative World

Area artist Dianne Mehta loves to work with polymer clay to create individual masterpieces. Nearly 17 years ago she discovered a well-known polymer clay artist at the Uptown Art Fair. She headed straight to the craft store to obtain supplies and a book to guide her into making her first project.

“There is an endless amount of possibilities in what you can create. I love that polymer clay is so versatile,” Mehta says.

She gets inspiration from her 10-year-old daughter. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist and feel as though I need to stay within my boundaries, but she reminds me that there are none when it comes to art,” Mehta explains.

Mehta also enjoys drawing and painting as well as creating 3D works. You can find her art on display at the Maple Grove Arts Center throughout the year and for sale in the center’s boutique.

Take a peek at Mehta’s clay treasures at Her fabric, gift wrap, wallpaper, decor designs and sewing patterns are at the website here.