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Swan Sunrise

Rod Smoliak says that a part of capturing wildlife is luck; however, with a little patience and preplanning of the environment one can photograph something remarkable. “Composition is an important element of photography.

Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary

Prior to the pandemic, Yale historian Timothy Snyder fell gravely ill. Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary, is his account of a near death experience and follow-up treatment he received in five hospitals within three months.

Arbor Lakes Christmas

Arbor Lakes Christmas placed first in the Activities and Events category of our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Another Miracle on Christmas Lake

When there’s lutefisk, true love and tater tots, how can a show be nothing but a hit?

Pamela Mercado, Daniela y Mateo Viajan a Puerto Rico

Pamela Mercado Michelli’s daughter, Daniela, 5, loves to read. “I always took my daughter to storytime at the … Maple Grove Public Library,” Michelli says.

Maple Grove Sun Light by Rod Smoliak

Maple Grove Sun Light, by Rod Smoliak, received first place in the City Landmarks category in our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

homegrown canned produce

“If you had told me 10 years ago that I would become a chicken lady with a 3,000-square-foot garden, I would have told you [that] you were crazy,” Emily Bretzel says. “When we bought our house, we were simply looking for a beautiful outdoor space.

Concert on the Lawn

Pack your blankets and lawn chairs for Maple Grove’s Concert on the Lawn. After being canceled due to the pandemic in 2020, the concert returns to the city’s Central Park on September 17–18 with gates opening around 4 p.m. 

Studio M Interiors dining room

When it comes to feathering our nests, decisions abound. While major elements might take the front seat, it’s important to tend to the smaller details, which can make or break a design story.

Smokin’ Henways

By dropping the curtain on live entertainment, the pandemic took a toll on the music scene.

The Big Four

If your idea of a good read is a story to help you your mind unwind, then try The Big Four by one of the world’s greatest mystery authors, Agatha Christie.