Maple Grove Sun Light by Rod Smoliak

Maple Grove Sun Light, by Rod Smoliak, received first place in the City Landmarks category in our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Lisa Willey of Maple Grove got a little more than she bargained for when snapping some photos of her daughter playing in their backyard. She happened to capture some amphibious wildlife as well.

Glass art, or glass blowing, is an art form that dates back centuries. Glass blowing uses quartz sand, which is heated to extremely high temperatures and transforms into hot, liquid glass. The molten glass can be molded and shaped into a wide variety of unique pieces.

Come on down to Oak View Elementary School and get ready to swing your partner ‘round and ‘round.

When Ed Luckow stepped out on a late summer afternoon to grab dinner at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, he didn’t expect to use his trusty Canon EOS 7D camera, but he was glad that his lifestyle as a retired photographer kept one waiting in the front seat of his car.

Sometimes even Scott Miller has a hard time explaining what he does. Miller, a Maple Grove resident, is a musician and composer—but not in the classical sense. He’s classically trained in music, yes, but he combines that knowledge with modern technology to create electronic music.

It was a passion for outdoor photography and a keen eye for detail that allowed Kim Seeger of the Boundary Creek neighborhood to capture this tiny tree frog, which blended perfectly with its surroundings one warm summer morning.

Fast asleep in the mid-afternoon sun, these Labrador retriever puppies couldn’t be cozier or more content as baby Ella screams with joy. Lisa Willey, a Maple Grove resident since 2000, took advantage of a great summertime photo opportunity while spending a day visiting a family friend.

Maple Grove resident Thomas Sullivan is no ordinary writer. He is one of a special few who can say he is a USA Today best-selling author (for Case White) and Pulitzer Prize nominee (for The Phases of Harry Moon)—yet if you try to define his genre of writing, you might find yourself at a loss.

Known as a universal language, live music brings communities and visitors together—and Chuck Skajewski is no stranger to onstage entertainment.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Church Basement Ladies. There’s an even better chance that you’ve seen the Church Basement Ladies—and the ladies weren’t even in church.