Better Waterworks

TJK Plumbing expands their business with drain cleaning services.

The owners of TJK plumbing, Anisha and TJ Knatcal, purchased Augie’s Drain Cleaning from a friend and colleague earlier this year. After ten years operating a plumbing company, the Knatcals were ready to expand their business and offer better services at a lower cost than most plumbing companies in the Maple Grove area.

“Augie’s was previously a drain cleaning company only, and now we can offer Augie’s customers our full line of plumbing services. Our customers will also benefit from the newly updated drain cleaning equipment,” Anisha says.

TJK Plumbing won the 2016 Best Home Services award in our Best of Maple Grove readers’ choice competition and they hope to continue providing the same services with their expanded company for many years to come.