Meet Three Maple Grove Men Who Give Back

Get a quick glimpse at the volunteer resumes of Chris Hawkey, Bob Munson and Tim Huebsch

A refrain in a song from The Darkness was in my head as I wrote about three Maple Grove men who vehemently volunteer in our December issue.

“Love is moooore than a feeeeelin’!” as the British band belted out last decade.

The men – Chris Hawkey, Bob Munson and Tim Huebsch – all spoke about how volunteering gives the giver a good “feeeeelin’!”

“The one thing is you are always gaining more than what you give,” Munson says.

The men share which groups they give to and the selfless reasons they give in the December issue of Maple Grove Magazine.

A few highlights of their selfless resumes:

-Hawkey has partaken in Step Forward to Cure TSC (tuberous sclerosis complex) Walkathon, Rev It Up for TS, and through his music moonlighting, he released a CD in 2006 to raise funds. To date, it’s accumulated more than $20,000.

-At the Greater Twin Cities United Way, the Citizens League and Social Venture Partners – to name a few – Huebsch focuses on creating synergies and efficiencies.

-Munson helps the American Lung Association, the Maple Grove Arts Council, and the Maple Grove Historical Society, while also volunteering at the Maple Grove Hospital.

Check out the full profile feature online at starting December 1.