How About a Maple Grove Farmers Market Appetizer?

To hold you over for our summer feature, here's how to get a sample of what's at the market every Thursday.

Are you hankering for a fresh, juicy tomato? Drooling for the perfect ear of sweet corn? How about dreaming of a warm pretzel with a hint of course salt and all its chewy goodness?

If so, it’s time to head to the Maple Grove Farmers Market, which takes place every Thursday from 3–7 p.m. in the parking lot of the Maple Grove Community Center. With everything from produce to flowers to honey to pretzels to frozen meats, there’s something for everyone.

Check out our story about the farmers market in our August issue, available August 1 at  Until then, take a look at the Maple Grove Farmers Market website to see what’s in season, what vendors you can visit at the next market, and photos of fresh produce and products sold at the market.