Inspired by Yogis in Maple Grove

With plenty of yoga classes to choose from, this writer may have to stretch his limits.

When I wrote about taking part in a Jazzercise class a year ago, I lied to myself when I thought I could touch my toes.  

That said, Yoga has always intrigued me. While downward dog would incite roll-on-the-floor laughter, I want to live a long healthy life, so flexibility and managing stress will be essential.

For the recent assignment of putting together a yoga guide for the January issue of Maple Grove Magazine, I spoke with some male yogis in their 60s. They raved about how it’s enhanced their lives.

Their sentiment might have rubbed off, and with the variety of options available in Maple Grove, my intrigue might turn into action.

To read vignettes on four places—Hindu Temple of Minnesota, Lifepower Yoga at Life Time Fitness, Maple Grove Parks and Rec. and Yoga with Dee James—that offer classes on town, check out our Yoga Guide feature in our January issue or on our website starting January 1.