POSTED Friday, May 6

Shedding your body’s winter insulation is no easy task, but it’s easy to find inspiration in the spring sunshine. These three events are sure to get you outdoors and motivated to get active:

POSTED Friday, April 29

After a gloomy Minnesota April, it’s finally time for spring to start acting like itself in May. So why shouldn’t you follow suit? It’s about time to wake up from your hibernation, get out of your cave and mix it up at some fun local events.

POSTED Wednesday, April 20

There’ s a big difference between being funny and being a comedian. Anyone can make friends giggle after a few drinks at the dinner table. But there’s an art to standing alone on stage and making an audience of strangers burst into laughter.
What if I told you, taking the first step to learning this art is yours–for free? Sounds like a cheesy infomercial, right? But at least it’s not a joke. Not yet, anyways.

POSTED Wednesday, April 6

To all you aspiring photogs out there: Grab your cameras, because our search for the best local photos is about to begin. Between August 1 and 31, aspiring photographers can submit up to three photos of local attractions, animals and more on our website,

POSTED Tuesday, March 29

Marathons aren’t for everyone. Most human hearts, lungs and legs just aren’t cut out for that kind of abuse. Scrapbooking, on the other hand, is all in the hands.

POSTED Monday, March 14

Good humor has a way of growing on you. Maple Grove is getting acquainted with this truth thanks to hometown comedian Scott Hansen, who has nurtured the local comedy scene with his Comedy Tech workshop through the Maple Grove Arts Center. Through a series of classes, he has given normal, everyday people the skills and secrets to discover their comedic dreams.

POSTED Friday, February 25

If you’re a guy like me, going to get a haircut is a chore—and one that is most likely coming at the expense of watching one of your many favorite teams in one of a variety of different sports play over the weekend. For a hardcore sports fan, “the game” is almost always on.