Brothers from Maple Grove Release Nochtli, a Unique Health Drink

A team of brothers from Maple Grove releases a unique health drink.
Prem and Om Padhye hold a new product created from the vegetable and fruit of cactus.

Drinking from a cactus may seem a prickly proposition, but the Maple Grove brother team of Prem and Om Padhye has created a company that endorses just that. Nochtli (pronounced no-klee) is a 100 percent natural drink made from the vegetable and the fruit portions of the cactus which both have health benefits.

The prickly pear, or fruit of the cactus, “is known for its anti-oxidant value and has a really good anti-inflammatory response”, Om says. The Aztec people used prickly pear for medicinal purposes, which is how the Padhyes came up with their drink’s name, a nod to that ancient group. The vegetable of the cactus, nopal, “is close to a natural insulin: it can help control blood sugar, lower cholesterol and help with hydration in the body”, Om says. The Padhyes recommend drinking a little each day, but using more for a specific cause, such as muscle stiffness or a hangover, is also beneficial.

Locally, the product is sold at Tobacco Grove Cigar Store, and the Padhye brothers arelooking to offer it at co-ops and health food stores. It is also available forpurchase on and