Bully Prevention Strategies For Parents

Tips on handling and preventing the occurrence of bullying.

Bullying is an unfortunate and frequent occurrence for many children. Here are some tips from Jennifer Tagg M.A, LMFT of the Calli Institute to help empower children and prevent aggressive interactions.

Develop relationships: Relationship development in the form of familial and community involvement are crucial aspects of creating a sense of safety and providing helpful resources for children.

Create awareness: It is important to explain to children what bullying actually is. “Specifics are important for kids. Be proactive and give kids a tangible sense of what bullying looks like and who they can go to for help and support,” Tagg says.

Notice changes: It is just as important for parents to notice changes in their children’s behavior. “When parents see noticeable shifts in their children’s demeanor, those should be red flags,” she says.

Talk: Simple, right? Talking regularly allows children to bring up any problematic occurrences and also creates the opportunity for parents to give helpful input. “In the sense of regular dialogue, talk with your kids about the messages and the values and how you would want them to think,” Tagg says.