Christopher & Banks Offers Their Latest Styles In Accessorizing

Christopher & Banks offers insight on this month’s newest accessories.
Rings, scarves and necklaces of varying lengths grace the pre-spring, soft-hued fashion palette this year.

This season, the accessories at Christopher & Banks feature an array of colors in the purple, blue and green families. They also carry a complement of coral-colored items. In terms of texture and design, necklaces and bracelets focus on shells, multi-jeweled tones and metals. Here are a few items in particular that can be found on your fashionable friends this month:

Rings: Each silver ring boasts a brightly colored stone. Wear one at a time or all three at once to add some extra sparkle ($14.95–$16.95).

Short necklace: Pink jeweled stones are the focus in this silver necklace. One trademark piece of jewelry has the power to add some pizazz to any outfit ($22.95–$24.95), matching earrings ($9.95).

Long necklaces: Made with an array of metal pieces, shells and jewels, these necklaces can be worn solo or layered for added effect ($22.95–$24.95).

Scarves: This season’s scarf selection features floral and denim-friendly patterns as well as the core options of solid black, white, navy or animal print versions ($39.95).

Shoes: February’s shoe collection focuses on closed-toe flats ($34.95) and wedges ($39.95) in solid colors. Add a pop of color with silver or coral tinted shoes or keep the classic look with navy, nude or black solid colors.