Chuck Skajewski’s Guitar Talent on Showcase in Maple Grove

Professional fingerpicking guitarist Chuck Skajewski brings sweet melodies to Maple Grove.

Known as a universal language, live music brings communities and visitors together—and Chuck Skajewski is no stranger to onstage entertainment. At age 61, there is no slowing down the talented Skajewski, who owns Maple Grove business CES Printing Solutions, and his self-taught fingerpicking guitar rhythms. “I’ve been playing and singing live with my brother-in-law, Mike, since we were in ninth grade,” Skajewski says of his musical origins. “Live music has this ability to take people away from the moment.”

A decade ago, the duo reignited their passion for playing in front of a live audience and began performing at Sawatdee in Maple Grove. Since then Skajewski has formed the group Then & Now, with Mike, his sister Judy, and friend Scott Fraser. Heading up the group with his guitar, percussion and vocal skills, Skajewski relishes the appreciation the group receives while performing. “People are often impressed with the harmonies that we are able to produce,” he says.

Those harmonies are featured in their music, which varies from contemporary songs by groups such as Lady Antebellum to as far back as the folk music they grew up with. Skajewski’s solo concerts are also a treat, featuring music from many decades. You can count on seeing them at Sawatdee and many other local venues throughout the year.

Chuck Skajewski and Then & Now band plays Fridays; performance dates and times vary. Visit their facebook page for up-to-date info.