Best of 2021 winners

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Choosing Categories

Each year, the editorial and management teams evaluate our list of categories for the Best of Maple Grove survey, usually eliminating a few of the less popular ones—where fewer people voted—and adding new topics to keep things fresh.

During the chill of February, these brave souls jumped into Fish Lake to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Lisa Willey of Lisa Marie Photography rarely photographs animals.

Shoppers and merchants at the indoor Farmers Market experience healthy nourishment, even during the colder months.

Do you remember your first snow? Your first sight of a bird in a tree? Your first flash of lightning? Do you remember the world as viewed from your stroller, enormous and purely wonderful?

Valerie Crickett brought Maple Grove Magazine with her while visiting Hitchcock’s Hideaway on Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Ever read an article in an old magazine issue at your fitness club or doctor’s office, and then want to tell someone else about what you read? Chances are good you can find that magazine with your library card.

Don’t forget to bring a little piece of Maple Grove with you when you travel! Snap a shot of someone holding a copy of Maple Grove Magazine for a future installment of Travel Log.

Voting has come and gone for the 2015 Best of Maple Grove.