Downhill Doctor

High school senior Madison Lee proves a bright student and talented athlete.
Madison Lee approaches the race course like she does everything else in life.

As a nationally ranked skier with a 4.0+ GPA at Heritage Academy and offers to play soccer and ski at college, Madison Lee sets herself apart as an outstanding high school student with big plans for the future. Last spring, Madison committed to play soccer at Wheaton College in Illinois, where she will also study biology or pre-med with plans to become a doctor.

Madison began downhill skiing when she was only 3 years old and played soccer in elementary school. Although she excelled in both sports, she had more passion for soccer. She later played goalie for the Minnesota State Team. She has served as her team’s captain for two years and recently led them to an undefeated conference record and a Conference Championship. She was also awarded “All-state Goal Keeper.”

“I love the aspect of competition—pushing myself to the best of my abilities and seeing my success in action,” Madison says. “I always try to pursue the positive outcome in every aspect of my life.”

As a high achiever in both sports and academics, Madison says she gets just as much excitement winning a race as she does getting an “A” on a test—something her parents, Terri and Jeff Lee, also notice.

“Madison is really organized and puts her priorities in the right order by valuing academics first. Getting on the podium for downhill ski racing or winning a game is just as important as great grades,” Terri says.

Terri is proud not only of how her daughter has successfully balanced and prioritized her life, but of the mature, good-hearted person Madison has become.

As a volunteer in the critical care unit at Maple Grove Hospital, Madison was inspired to become a doctor. No doubt she’ll work to become the best M.D. in the field, and on the slopes.