Eat Fresh

Vendors at the Maple Grove Farmers Market provide allergen-friendly foods.
Raw honey is widely used as therapy for seasonal allergy symptoms.

The annual Maple Grove Farmers Market offers locally grown, fresh products and knowledgeable food vendors. One of the allergen-friendly vendors this year is Grillin’ Meats, owned by Christina Traeger, who raises her pastured farm animals without feeding them any corn or soy. Sugar Bush Ridge Farm is another popular vendor that sells locally produced honey. “Raw honey is widely used as therapy for seasonal allergy symptoms,” says market manager Kirsten Bansen Weigle. “[Sugar Bush] has a huge following,” she adds.

For those with food allergies, the farmers market provides a safe and reliable source for finding allergen-free products that are not processed. “I think that’s where a lot of the difficulty can come from, trying to read food labels and learn about additives and knowing what might contain corn, wheat, dairy, etc.,” Bansen Weigle says.

For more information about the Maple Grove Farmers Market and a complete list of vendors, visit their website or facebook page.