Approximately 3,630 pounds of school supplies were donated through CROSS Services

Heritage Christian Academy sixth graders Matthew Virginia and Cole Kopischke spent time last fall at our nation’s capital, taking part in the Peopl

MOMS Club is a National organization with chapters around the world, including in Canada, Germany and Italy. Four of those chapters have a local vibe right here in Maple Grove: the Fish Lake, Rice Lake, Weaver Lake and Rush Creek chapters.

Christy Bishop, a professional educator and interpretive naturalist who runs the Eastman Nature Center program, along with Cristina Palmisano, highlights the class as an opportunity for 4- an

One of the most common questions asked by Mathnasium students is how to study and prepare for upcoming math tests.  These “Mathletes” more often than not also suffer from test anxiety, which leads them to believe that no matter how much the

Do you know a high school junior who is outstanding at everything? Do they serve the community and participate in extracurriculars? Do they get super grades and hold down a job all at the same time?

“I get energy from the students,” Maple Grove Senior High counselor Janelle Gillis says. “They have an ‘I can conquer anything’ attitude. High school students are fun. If you give [them] the opportunity to be real, they embrace that.

Percentages can be one of the most confusing mathematical concepts for children, and even adults, to master.  Yet, an understanding of percents is critical in everyday life.  The following intuitive approach focuses on the true meaning of percents as opposed to methods that are based on rote memo

Don’t feel bad if you can’t quite keep up with Joshua Borchardt. The 2008 Maple Grove High School graduate has been studying life forms in space and the potential for life on Mars. His work includes a stint at NASA in 2012.

Successful problem-solving skills are based on having an intuitive sense of the problem.  That is, being able to recognize its different “parts” and how they relate to the “whole.”  In math, underdanding this relationship between numbers is called “Number Sense.”  Like most skills, Number Sense c