Egg Dishes at Less Than a Dozen Maple Grove Restaurants

Get eggscited about egg dishes at ten Maple Grove eateries.

The hunts may be over, but the fun of eggs rages on. After the scrumptious chocolaty goodness of an Easter egg, the chicken laid sort may just be eggsactly what you need this May. Eggs pack a protein punch without the tedium of a grilled steak or the ingredient list of a turkey sandwich. In fact—one large egg weighs a minimum of 30 ounces and contains six grams of protein. Egg lovers can agree that eggs are not just breakfast fare; they are also welcome atop a hamburger, as an appetizer and in a salad. Yet, some still feel that eggs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. From a fluffy omelette at the Original Pancake House to Claddagh Irish Pub’s Scotch Eggs, the egg specialties at nine Maple Grove eateries will flip you on over to the sunny side—no ifs, buts or peeps about it.

Peter’s Burger
3 Squares

Throw another burger on the barbie. Barbecues get a bit wacky in Australia where sandwiches take a different flair. A fried egg? Lay ‘er on there—most Australians do after all. This beefy slab at 3 Squares is topped with a hard-cooked egg, sweetened with mustard pickle relish and ketchup—avoiding the peskiness of condiment bottles—and finished off with savory caramelized onions. All is sandwiched between a sourdough bun and served with your choice of golden French fries or creamy slaw. $10.50. Swap in 3 Squares’ famous sweet potato fries for an extra $1.50. 12690 Arbor Lakes Pkwy.; 763.425.3330763.425.3330;

Scotch Eggs
Claddagh Irish Pub

Channel the luck of the Irish lads and lassies, and feast on traditional fare. Have no fear—we are not suggesting the black and white pudding found in a traditional Irish breakfast, but a different sort of protein. Hop on over to Claddagh and gobble down this meal starter. The eggs are the star of the dish—delicately boiled, sheathed in sage infused sausage, rolled in panko breadcrumbs and fried to a crisp. Dunk the light confection in a mustard-mayo dipping sauce. Wash it down with one of twelve available Irish brews. Sláinte! $8.99. 7890 Main St. N.; 763.773.7400763.773.7400;

Huevos Rancheros
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

Eggs and Mexican food seem to be an odd pairing, not so at El Rodeo. The folks at the authentic eatery serve them up Mexican style—fluffily scrambled with sizzling salsa ranchero and paired with refried beans and rice. Pack it into a tortilla for a burrito-eqsue sandwich. Needing an extra kick? Amp up the protein with spicy chorizo sausage. $6.99. 13572 80th Circle N.; 763.493.4443763.493.4443;

Pad Thai

Give eggs a try in a new way by sampling the national dish of Thailand—without leaving the comfort of the Maple Grove area. A customer favorite at Sawatdee, the restaurant’s pad Thai is a must-try. Traditional Thai rice noodles are stir-fried with a healthy sampling of egg. Green onions and crisp bean sprouts add a satisfying crunch, all topped with a sprinkling of ground-roasted peanuts. Stir in tofu, chicken or pork, or stick to a vegetarian sampling at no extra cost. $11. The beef version is $12, shrimp $13. 7885 Main St. N.; 763.494.5708763.494.5708;

Seafood Cobb Salad
Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse

From Cobb to chef, eggs find a satisfying home in salads, too. The Seafood Cobb is a Pittsburgh Blue original. It’s a tantalizing mixture of shrimp and crab plopped onto a bed of romaine; chopped avocado, tomato and scallion provide additional vitamins and a fresh tang while hard-boiled egg and bacon bits create a meaty note. Forget about the high-calorie dressings and drizzle on the recommended citrus-herb vinaigrette for a light and zesty finish. $19.95. 11900 Main St. N.; 763.416.2663763.416.2663;

Egg Drop Soup
PF Chang’s

Egg drop soup—with the direct translation equating to egg flower soup in English—is a traditional Chinese delicacy of wispy eggs in boiled chicken broth. A stream of thinly beaten eggs is added in the final boiling minutes of the broth, creating strands of floating cooked egg. PF Chang’s version is a velvety broth speckled with carrots—julienne style—and green onions. Cup, $3.50. Bowl, $5.95. For a spicier option, try the hot & sour soup. A rich and tangy broth with chicken, tofu, bamboo shoots and mushrooms, topped with an egg. Cup, $3.50. Bowl, $6.95. 12071 Elm Creek Blvd.; 763.493.9377763.493.9377;

Eggs Benedict
Kopper Kettle

Even Humpty Dumpty can get on board with the egg specials at the Kopper Kettle. We’re suckers for a tasty eggs Benedict, and the Osseo hotspot doesn’t disappoint. It sticks to the classic dish; two perfectly poached eggs atop a slab of ham and divided between two English muffin halves. The tops are blissfully coated with to-die-for Hollandaise sauce, beaten from—you guessed it—egg yolks. $8.95. Or, try it Ivan style and replace the ham with hearty corn beef hash. $8.95. Brinner lovers rejoice; breakfast is served all day, every day. 225 Central Ave., Osseo; 763.425.6900763.425.6900;

Meatlovers Omelette
Original Pancake House

Not a fan of eggs at breakfast? Perhaps the oversized soufflé omelette at the Original Pancake House will change your mind. Although it comes in ten different varieties—of varying meats and veggies—we are passionate protein fans and fell in love with the meatlovers omelette. The fluffy four-egg omelette is stuffed with the restaurant’s secret special recipe sausage, fiery hickory bacon, smoked ham and your choice of cheese. $12.75. If breakfast meats aren’t your cup of tea, stab your fork into the O.P.H. omelette; the four-egg omelette (a restaurant original) is baked with mushrooms, leafy spinach and pungent goat cheese. $11.50. If you stopped in for pancakes, have no fear. Each omelette is paired with a side of three golden buttermilk cakes. You get the best of both breakfast worlds; how eggscellent! 6322 Vinewood Lane N.; 763.383.0888763.383.0888;

Minne’s Skillet
Minne’s Diner

Travel on up 494 for a Rogers’ breakfast staple. For those who shy away from the supreme egginess of an omelette, try a skillet. Luckily for us, Minne’s has seven of the best skillets around. Our go-to choice combines the crispiness of bacon, the smokiness of ham and the subtle spiciness of sausage. The three meats are scrambled with a large dose of egg, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes and onions. Minne’s skillet is topped with melted cheddar cheese. Breakfast, of course, is heavy on the side dishes. Each skillet is served with your choice of American fries or hash browns, and toast, an English muffin, bagel or a from-scratch biscuit. $9.99. Who says you can’t eat dessert after breakfast? Add a slice of Minne’s state-renowned Minneapple Pie before stepping out the door—we won’t tell. $4.99. 13105 Main St., Rogers; 763.428.4176763.428.4176;

Eggs Kiri Kiri
Whirly Ball

The name may sound strange but eggs kiri kiri might just change your mind about boiled eggs. The creamy yolk mixture is infused with harissa, a popular ketchup-like topping that hails from northern Africa. Harissa is made from sweet, caramelized chili peppers and the folks at Whirlyball haven’t missed a chance to use it in their signature eggs. The creamy deviled yolk is mixed with mayonnaise, spices and a dollop of the harissa, which turns the mixture bright red. Even the boiled egg whites are infused with harissa. Don’t miss out on a plate of these delicious—and colorful—beauties. Perfect finger food. $6.50. 13644 80th Circle N.; 763.657.1555763.657.1555;

A classic Eggs Benedict from Kopper Kettle.