Ethnic Foods Co. Provides an Internationally Unique Cooking Experience

Take a trip around the culinary world.
Maria Sanchez, Isabeau Kaehler and Ryan O'Neil watch Kavita Mehta teach a cooking class among the many spices at The Ethnic Foods Co.

“There’s nobody doing what I’m doing in the country and that opens people’s eyes,” Kavita Mehta says about her unique cooking classes. Mehta’s classes at Ethnic Foods Co. provide an exclusive look into what cooking in other cultures is like. She specializes in cuisines from all over the world, including Indian, Thai, Chinese and Persian to name a few. One of the most interesting classes Mehta leads is an Ayurveda class, which dives into the methods of Ayurvedic cooking and how important food is to keeping the body healthy. “Cooking and eating is a dance of joy, light heartedness, and playfulness. I call this the ‘yoga of food’,” she says.  

 You can learn about three kinds of ethnic cooking, beginning in March. The first of the Ayurvedic classes focuses on methods used and important practices, while the following classes include the cooking aspect. The Indian cooking class will focus on classic Indian flavors, and dishes such as chicken tikka butter masala, chana masala, spinach raita and gobi masala, while the Thai class will have you cooking up fresh spring rolls, pad thai noodles, tofu soup and jasmine rice. Classes are $80, and half price if you purchase something at the Ethnic Foods Co. 

If You Go...

March 3- Ayurveda class 1
March 12- Indian 
April 4- Thai 
April 15- Ayurveda class 2
April 29- Ayurveda class 3

All classes begin at 6:30 p.m.


Ethnic Foods Co.
208 Central Ave, Osseo