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Bird Banding Demonstration

Biologists who are studying songbird migration habits, age and population will be capturing birds to study these topics. Join in as they assess, measure and weigh them all in order to learn more about the species. Get a firsthand look at how scientists band and release birds while trying to understand more about them. Stop by any time during the session’s window and bring a camera. All ages are welcome. 763.559.6700.

Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dancing

Forget the classic reservations at the crowded restaurant, and experience Valentine’s Day with your honey among the outdoors. Dinner will be provided with roast beef or turkey, appetizers, steamed vegetables, salad, potatoes, rolls, cake, coffee and punch. Enjoy live music, learn swing dance, sit by a bonfire and even meet the captive owl. Bring your own bottle of wine or beer, must be 21 or older. Reservations required by February 10. 763.559.6700.

Valentine’s Day Carnival

Join in on the annual fun! Face painting, inflatables, a cake walk, prizes and food galore. Lots of other fun games, raffles and activities will be taking place, so don’t miss it. Tickets are 25 cents each, and most games cost just one ticket to play. Make Valentine’s Day a celebration for the entire family! All ages are welcome. 763.494.3233.

Eastman’s Literary Discussions: Return to Wild America

At Eastman Nature Center they read a book every month and discusses it together. This month’s installment is Return to Wild America by Scott Weidensaul. The book tells the story of Roger Peterson’s 1953 trek across North America, and Weidensaul’s retracing of the trip 50 years later. The journey depicts what has changed, and what is still there among America’s landscape. Snacks will be provided, bring your own beer and wine. Reservations required. Ages 21 and over. 763.559.6700.

Maple Grove Critical Thinking Club

Join the Critical Thinking Club for their “Intro to Seventh-Day Adventists” a talk that will include Sherman McCormick, Ministerial Director of the Adventist Church in Minnesota. Adventists observe the Sabbath on Saturdays, so the meeting will be on Sunday. The faith is also vegetarian, and there is a grocery store on site. Learn more about this religion that is practiced by 17 million people around the globe. 763.424.8923.

Frozen Frogs!

Ever wonder where all of the frogs and toads go throughout the winter? Look towards spring and hop on over to the nature center to have the kids discover everything frog related. Find out how the frogs and toads survive over winter, meet some froggy friends and make a craft! Ages 4 and older. 20% discount for groups of four or more. 763.694.7700.

Maple Grove Critical Thinking Discussion Group

Maple Grove Critical Thinking Discussion Group will be gathering to discuss “Who is Driving the Bus for the Southwest Light Rail Project?”, a meeting to confer about the proposed light rail project. The group will be joined by Lee Simich, CEO of Southwest Transit Bus Service, the award-winning bus service that already serves the community. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage. Pre-register at or by phone. 763.420.6350.


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