As the last page of the 2015 calendar is turned, the Maple Grove Community Organization will host a New Year’s party for all to enjoy. Families are even encouraged to bring the young ones, as the celebration only lasts until 10 p.m.

Since its dedication in 2001, the Maple Grove Angel of Hope statue has been a place for grieving families to place white flowers to honor young ones they have lost.

Nothing exemplifies the spirit of the holiday season quite like giving back.

Every year, starry-eyed children and Christmastime fans line the streets for Maple Grove’s annual Sleigh Bell and Sparkle Parade. The event is sponsored by the Maple Grove Community Organization and is a beloved tradition in the area.

It’s common knowledge that one should dress for success, especially when working toward a professional career. Most employers would prefer an applicant wear a suit rather than blue jeans. But what happens to those who can’t afford professional attire?

Maple Grove is the newest chapter to join the Minnesota Lyme Association. The local chapter, which meets on the third Wednesday of each month, will host presentations and bring in experts concerning Lyme-related issues.

We’ve all had those moments during the long frigid winter where we closed our eyes and pictured a balmy evening spent listening to strands of live music melt into the warm summer breeze.  It helped us survive the cold (and yes, despite our moments of doubt, we did), and now the fun is finally beg

Event passports due by June 15

Full of family-friendly fun, the Maple Grove Geocache Adventure will expose an entirely new side of the city in which we live. You'll learn things about your surroundings that you never imagined and visit places you didn't know existed.

More than 100 students from Maple Grove Senior High choir and musical theatre programs had fun raising money for their program, signing autographs and taking pictures with young attendees who came for a pancake breakfast.