Focus on Maple Grove Photo: Lisa Willey's Dog Portrait

Lisa Willey captures a winning photo of a unique face.
Bailey holds very still for his closeup.

Lisa Willey is constantly snapping photos. In fact, Willey owns her own business, Lisa Marie Photography, where she takes family photos and other portraits. As luck would have it, Willey was on a walk with her daughter and their black lab when the three of them stumbled upon a beautiful dog, which Willey guesses was a Husky, on the path. Willey turned to her Canon EOS T3 Rebel camera to capture the moment. For this particular shot, Willey used a macro lens attached to her camera to really get up close and personal. A macro lens allows amazing zoom capabilities to aide in seeing a subject’s details. In this case, it was the husky’s unique eyes.
While her daughter asked if she could pet the dog named Bailey, Willey naturally wanted to get a picture.  “I loved the blue and brown eye combination so I asked the owners if I could take a photo”, Willey says. Having two different colored eyes is actually very common in the Husky breed, and it makes for a beautiful furry face—and photo.
Although it was Bailey’s eyes that inspired Willey, his demeanor was what helped make the picture such a success, as he was the perfect model. “He did not seem to mind me taking his picture”, Willey says.