Focus on Maple Grove: Spring at the Beach

Photo captures the last gasp of winter on Weaver Lake.

Mindy Gallagher is the second-place winner of the 2016 Maple Grove Magazine photo contest in the Landmarks category. Last spring, on a day she recalls as “unusually warm for Minnesota,” Gallagher used her iPhone to capture an eye-catching moment in time: Weaver Lake, still covered in ice from the cold winter, meets the sandy shores of blooming spring to come—a transition long awaited.

“I loved the contrast that the white snow had against the dark sand,” Gallagher says.

Gallagher and her family, like many residents, frequent the lake. “I have a slight love affair with Weaver Lake,” she admits. This particular day, Gallagher and her two daughters were among the first to be drawn by the initial hint of warmth to the stunning isolated beachfront—a blank slate for the stories of spring and summer to come.

Photo Contest

This is just the month to capture one of those rare shots of ice storms, winter wildlife and the moments so often overlooked when the weather is frigid. Our annual photo contest begins accepting admissions August 1.