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Make your visions of sugarplums a reality this December with seasonal specialties from local restaurants and bakeries. From the traditional to the fanciful, our picks are sure to keep you jolly as an elf, and you don’t have to go over the river and through the woods to get them.

Hallelujah! Our Farmers Market is open for the season. A jaunt to the outdoor
market is one of our favorite summer pastimes. It’s so much more than just a
place for farmers to peddle their produce; at the very least, it is a community

The holiday season is ripe for entertaining, and these two Maple Grove spots offer unique items that put a new spin on the holiday meal while leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

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Maple Grove residents are by no means deprived of options when it comes to food...and the types of foods being offered around town are certainly shifting. Many families are now taking part in the healthy-foods and shopping-in-the-organic-aisle crazes.

Although Maple Grove doesn’t have its own craft brewery, you can still experience the great local brews Minnesota has to offer. Here, we’ve mapped out a brew hop of six bars in Maple Grove with local beers on tap for your sipping pleasure.

 Shamrock wings coated in Claddagh’s signature shamrock sauce pair well with trivia night trifling.

Eating out involves more than food these days: the dining experience has grown into an interactive activity that builds community, and trivia nights have hit Maple Grove by storm. Many restaurants, bars, pubs or taverns feature some kind of trivia contest event.

Philadelphia created the Philly Cheese Steak. The South is known for their smoky barbecue chicken and pork sandwiches. Omaha claims ownership of the Reuben. But in Maple Grove? Subs piled high with meat, cheese and veggies seem to be the most popular sandwich candidate.

Fireworks cupcakes from Nadia Cakes will start your Independence Day celebration off with a bang.

Our appetites are in thrall to the aesthetic. An artfully decked out hamburger arranged on a nice plate is much more appealing than a beef and bun haphazardly thrown together, no matter the taste.