Food & Drink

If there’s one basic food that satisfies the pickiest of palates, it’s got to be pasta. Long, toothsome strands of spaghetti topped with thick red bolognaise sauce and fat, juicy meatballs? We all know that’s a tried-and-true.

Would you like to gather friends and family for the holidays without that panicky feeling of being overwhelmed?

Autumn is filled with changing colors and cooler temperatures. We asked Bill Princeton of Princeton Liquors to recommend some fall drinks that are sure to keep you in the fall mood and warm you up during those chilly autumn nights.


Sample some of your favorite German delicacies and enjoy lively music when Rose Arbor & Wildflower Lodge celebrates Oktoberfest.

It’s time to pull out your sweaters, watch college football, and marvel at the beauty of fall in Minnesota. That means it’s also time to cut a slice of warm, homemade bread and pair it with your favorite spread or fall meal. Check out what these local bakeries offer for fresh breads this fall.

Everyone has a soft spot for foods of the wrapped, rolled or stuffed variety.

Ice cream, along with its extended family including frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet, among others, is an icon of summer. Whose childhood memories would be complete without a recollection of some kind of frozen treat?

We, as Americans, have a lot to celebrate and July is unquestionably one of the best times to do just that. We are a people who enjoy our rugged individualism, our right to pursue happiness, and a culinary culture that has brought the world a host of innovations.

Since the Paint Pub opened a year ago in May, they’ve hosted parties and corporate events as well as two-hour classes during which groups exercise their creativity along with a glass of wine and friends. Their unique class this month has everyone painting a Starry Night over Maple Grove.

Now that the weather is mild we instinctively gravitate to lighter fare. This year we’d like to respectfully suggest that you step away from the Caesar salad.