A Full Tally of Fun Camps That Won’t Leave Your Kids Homesick

Summer camp is something that children look forward to all school year. It’s a time to get outside, learn a new skill or continue an activity they’re already passionate about. We’ve assembled a list of some summer camp options around the Maple Grove area for your consideration. Now’s the time to sign up!

Overnight Camp (Camp Ihduhapi)
If your children are interested in traditional camping, this is it. They’ll participate in YMCA activities like archery, ropes courses, canoeing and horseback riding. They’ll also create great friendships and learn more about nature. Ages 4-17. June 10–August 22. $325 for three days, $430 for four days and $615 for six days. Loretto, MN. 612.230.9622.

Star Wars Inventors Cove
For those with an adventurous engineering mind, small teams spend an unforgettable summer solving STEM challenges and using engineering skills to build Star Wars-inspired, cool contraptions. Kids take home a project every day.
Ages 6-10. 9 a.m.-noon. June 18-21. $129. Cedar Island Elementary.

Superhero Camp
A snow queen is threatening to make winter last forever, so it’s time for the superhero league to defeat her with tips from human and animal agents. Kids design a superhero cape, meet animals and become secret agents. This is a great camp for sibling.
Ages 5-9. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. July 24-27. $226. Eastman Nature Center.

Beginning Group Guitar
In four days, kids will cover the basics of music, including reading music, rhythm, melody and meter. The instrument is easily accessible for everyone, and the time together is fun. See youthenrichmentleague.com for more details. There will be a mini-recital at the end of the session. Parents are invited to attend.
Ages 7-10. 9 a.m.-noon. July 9-12. $125. Cedar Island Elementary; 952.361.6882.

Forts, Fires and Fun Camp
If you were stuck in the woods, would you survive? Practice fire-starting techniques and build an emergency shelter. Practice camouflaging and a sneak technique. Navigate the forest and find out how to overcome obstacles in your path. And, test your new skills in a final competition.
Ages 7-12. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. August 14- 17. $226. Eastman Nature Center.

Bike and Engineering Camp
Elm Creek Park Reserve has some of the best scenic bike trails and secluded spaces in the Twin Cities area. Here you can learn basic bike care and safety and find solutions to engineering challenges with other campers. Bike up to 12 miles daily to adventures like archery, swimming and exploring the Mississippi River. Campers must bring their own helmet and multi-geared bike to camp; a Friday trip means pick-up is at Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.
Ages 9-12. 9 a.m.-3 p.m. June 19-22. $226. Eastman Nature Center.

By the Seaside
Water is the key word in this class. Artworks that depict the sea or other bodies of water include Hokusai’s Great Wave, George Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, and many more are the focus in this class that teaches painting and drawing skills. Using famous techniques, students create their own pieces of aquatic art. Dress to make a mess. Ages 6-12. 10 a.m.-noon.. June 25-28. $122 for members/$135 for non-members (includes $45 supply fee). Maple Grove Arts Center.

Bunce Backyard Theatre Camp
If your child is interested in theater, Bunce Backyard Theatre Camp is a big bundle of fun and drama (the good kind). Kids will have the opportunity to learn more about theater and participate in a performance. This camp teaches problem solving and leadership and helps kids gain confidence creatively. “The director is really good at working with this age group; teaching them without them really realizing that they’re learning,” says artistic director Lori Bunce.
June 11-15, mornings (for ages 8-11) $100. June 11-15 and June 18-21, afternoons (for ages 12-15) $180. Bunce Backyard Productions, 16938 Weaver Lake Drive, Maple Grove. 763.494.5665.

Ninja Warrior Camp
No obstacle is too difficult! Try to get to the next stage with challenging activities, such as stand-up paddle boarding, log rolling, archery, slacklining, rock climbing and more. On the final Thursday afternoon, families can watch a demonstration of all new Three Rivers Ninja Warrior skills highlighted in a competition.
Ages 10–14. $226. July 16–19. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Fish Lake Regional Park.

How to Draw
So, your young one scribbles and doodles and thinks like Picasso. This introductory drawing camp teaches kids the basic techniques and principles of drawing. They’ll encourage creativity and imagination while experimenting with a variety of drawing materials and techniques. They will even receive their own sketchbook to keep and draw in throughout the camp. It’s a fun, supportive environment that changes the way they see the world visually. 
Ages 5-10. 1-4 p.m. July 9-12. $125. Cedar Island Elementary.

Discover the Masters
Learn about art history and be inspired to make art. The Master’s works are a great place to start as their techniques and styles of art help develop observational drawing skills and demonstrate painting techniques. Students use charcoal and much more.
Ages 10-14. 1-4 p.m. July 16-19. $135 for members/$150 for non-members. Maple Grove Arts Center.