A Hangout at The Lookout Brings a City Vibe to the Suburbs

Josh Lemke uses vibrant colors in his murals.

A new mural covers the wall at The Lookout Bar & Grill’s new outside area, The Alley, adding a pop of color to the local hangout.

“I made it look like it was exploding with color out of the wall,” says mural painter Josh Lemke about deciding to take a surreal approach to the painting.

Aerosol is Lemke’s medium of choice.

He has painted more than 100 murals in the past 20 years. Many of his works deal with futuristic themes and a number of them can be seen in downtown Minneapolis.

The mural features Surly Brewing (Lemke’s daytime employer), in a unique way as an ode to local beers offered at The Lookout. It also creates the vibe of an adult hangout space and highlights a contrast with the family-friendly feel of the restaurant’s patio.

“It’s unique to Maple Grove,” Lookout owner Mike Kinnan says of the mural.

Lemke’s energetic style of work is rarely see in a suburb. Its city-like buzz brings a lively feel to the space where once a plain lonely cement wall stood.