Haskell’s Wine Tasting

  • Jeff and Cecelia Fecho
  • Hilary Pudas, Megan Wettstaedt and Kayla Asbury
  • Kathy Litchfield, Megan Wettstaedt and Lori Krueger
  • Clark Schmidt, Sheila and Gary Cullen
  • Jimmy Myers and Mike Workman
  • Linda Erie, Jennifer Brudwick and Heather Gilbert
  • Esther Eberle, Laurie Yahn, Julie Wagner and Annie and Avery Kosel
  • Erin Ungerman
  • Hannah Steeves, Jim Marten, Scott Lehman and Alyssa Evenson
  • Beau Edward and Andy McKown
  • Tracy Mindiola, Chrissy Cain and Chelsea Schmidt
  • Roland and Dava Hauser
  • Deb and Mike Felien, J.J. and Bonita Johnson
  • Amanda Trettel and Patty Welsh