Health & Wellness

Ride the Wave

Each summer, the Minnesota lakes fill up with a myriad of fishermen, water skiers, wakeboarders and more. As seasonal hobbies for many people, Maple Grove Senior High student Avery Ruegsegger sports wakeboarding year-round.

Travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and the benefits go well beyond taking a break from our lives. It opens us to new environments, cultures, cuisines and experiences.

Monarch Butterflies

In December 2020, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the monarch butterfly became a candidate for the listing of the Endangered Species Act.

Did you know that lips are the thinnest skin on the human body? With up to three times fewer cellular layers than facial skin, lips also lack natural body oils to protect and maintain a smooth texture.

Ninjas United training

It began with a dare. Jen Sexton Voigt found Ninjas United while searching for an outlet for her two high-energy boys. “It transformed our lives,” Voigt says.

Milan Laser Hair Removal

Everyone with unwanted body hair has likely heard of at-home hair removal devices—and we’re not talking about waxing kits and razors!

Senior Communities Guide

Julie Hamilton turned her 25 years of web development experience toward a new project—creating a comprehensive online guide of senior communities in Minnesota.

Brian Cunningham, M.D.

For the past five to 10 years, surgeons and practitioners across TRIA Orthopedics have explored the promising new field of orthobiologics, a treatment derived from tissue that’s injected into an affected area with the goals of restoring function

Sara Swan

While Sara Swan has over two decades of experience in special education, she initially didn’t have plans to turn a one-off mentorship into a full-fledged organization.