Help for the Helpers from Keller Williams

Keller Williams Classic Realty is ready to lend a hand.
Jenni Larson, Cari Heibel and Kristy Provost of Keller Williams take on a fall project.

Many times, it’s challenging to find volunteers, time and resources to support the needs in our community. However, the tables have turned as Keller Williams Classic Realty Northwest is ready to help, but is struggling to find people in the Maple Grove area who could benefit from extra support. “We are literally looking for people who need help,” says Cari Heibel, CEO and team leader.     

With over 75 percent of agents consistently volunteering or participating in charitable activities, the group has expanded from volunteering one day per year to participating in projects each month. As the effort grows, the group seeks personal referrals to meet their interest in helping.Aside from aiding organizations like food shelves and shelters, Keller Williams frequently takes requests from military families that need support or other private residents who find themselves in difficult times.

Heibel says giving back to the community is important to the group. She says “paying-it-forward” creates a positive atmosphere for everyone involved and she believes that “taking care of each other in your community” is an important way to keep this positivity strong.