Holiday Drink Options from Girvan Grille

Holiday drinks made easy.
A holiday martini, holiday sangria and Thin Mint martini created specifically for the season.

The holidays can throw an entirely new spin on the act of imbibing. So, we asked mixology specialist Jeff Dull to take the season into account and toss some inspiration our way. He has come up with some creative suggestions, including a popular herb; rosemary plays a starring role in this gala act, along with the always festive martini glass.

Dull provides catering and drink services as the general manager at Girvan Grille in Brooklyn Park. He partnered with restaurant manager Marques Miller to blend these fantastic holiday specialties. You can request these drinks at their bar or you can also concoct your own version at home, but you’ll need one essential tool, a cocktail shaker, available online or at any local department store.

Dull’s first drink showcases everybody’s favorite ingredient: chocolate. Add a martini glass drizzled in the stuff and you’ve got a cocoa dream.

But, lest chocolate seem more of a dessert just when you’re looking for a starter drink to kick off an evening, Dull and Miller suggest a more traditional looking martini with a suprising taste that is anything but traditional. Just when you expect juniper, you get a punch of fruity apple and cranberry. It’s a refreshing change that may put you off the olive embellished version for quite some time.

Thin Mint Martini

2 oz. vanilla vodka
.75 oz. Baileys
.75 oz. Godiva
.5 oz. creme de cocoa
.5 oz. creme de menthe

Serve in a chocolate drizzled martini glass.

This delicious drink, combining the popular flavor pairing of chocolate and mint, would be a perfect substitute for dessert during the holiday season.

Holiday Martini

1.25 oz. Absolut citron
1.25 oz. Absolut apple
2 oz. rosemary infused simple syrup
2 oz. white cranberry juice

Serve in a martini glass rimmed in sugar and topped with a lemon wedge.

This festive beverage is a perfect blend of citrus, apple and infused rosemary simple syrup. According to Girvan Grille manager Marques Miller, rosemary “is a good cold weather herb and my personal favorite.” After shaking this mix with ice, carefully strain the delectable blend into a chilled martini glass with a sugar rim. For just the right finishing touch, add a lemon wedge and let the celebrations begin.

Holiday Sangria

3 oz. merlot
2.5 oz. Pinot noir
1 oz. rosemary infused vodka
1 oz. cranberry infused Bourbon
2 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. white cranberry juice

Served in a goblet garnished with a rosemary sprig.

We wrap up our seasonal drinks list with a wine-based refreshment topped with that secret ingredient again: rosemary. It’s a refreshing contrast to the fruity aroma and flavor of the sangria.