I Am Maple Grove: Brenner Hohenstein

Name: Brenner Hohenstein

Hometown: Maple Grove

Occupation: Student, graduating next month from Maple Grove Senior High; lifeguard at the Maple Grove Community Center

He cherishes life. “I would not want the ‘dice’ of life to land any other way.”

He has a competitive streak. “I compete with friends at [swim] practice and in meets, so a streak doesn't do the sport the proper acknowledgement.”

He’s surprisingly good at cooking and doing household tasks. “My parents are to thank for this, not letting me just sit around. I'm either helping mulch wood in the yard, or cooking the next meal.”

He perseveres. Swimming is the same after-school grind, but “going from a mediocre swimmer to someone who is on a D1 swim team is mind-boggling.”

He’s optimistic
. “Life can get you down, and down I have been a lot. But, the thought of persevering and pushing through is a great drive.”

He’s got momentum. He’ll attend (and swim at) the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities this fall.

He is aggravated
by a lack of ownership. “Most people I see just do something and don't take pride in what it is, resulting in a task and not an enjoyable experience.”

In his free time he bikes and fishes at his family’s cabin at Lake of the Woods.

He still owns the first medal he won at a state meet. “It was only eighth place, but it is still to this day the most influential thing I own. It gave me the drive to keep on swimming.”